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Randall Mella - Inter/Advanced Hip Hop

Randall is a hiphop dancer born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. He began dancing at the age of 4 with the Philippine Barangay Performing Arts Society where he learned traditional filipino dancing as well as hiphop. With a growing love for hiphop, Randall moved his training to the Kore Dance Studio, where he eventually continued on to compete with NXG Company at Artists Emerge, World of Dance, Hip Hop International. Randall has performed at numerous events and benefit shows such as Little Hearts Big Dreams, Stand Up for Love, and Its Showtime Edmonton to name a few. He has learned from many different choreographers over the years: Carlo Atienza, Alexander Chung, Jerome Esplana, Chris Martin, Mariel Martin, Keone Madrid, Andye J, Larry “Ruin” Combs, and the list goes on. Learning from so many different teachers with different styles helps him to stay inspired and to add new movement to his own choreography. Randall dedicates himself to helping his students grow in new skills, knowledge, and confidence, all while having fun in the process. He is actively directing Cool Giraffes towards their upcoming competition run at Hip Hop International 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona.