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Jasmine Rees- Inter/Adv Hip Hop

Jasmine Rees is a performer an achiever and a believer.

Someone who wants to instill creativity and passion where its treasured and believed in most. Jasmine was born in Edmonton, Alberta.
At a young age I could tell that dancing would become a huge part of her life. At the age of 7 she moved to Red Deer, Alberta and began taking dance classes for the first time.
Jasmine started off with taking ballet, tap and jazz along with many other styles, however soon realized these were not the most appealing styles to her.
As she got older she began taking classes with Vince Akinyode,producer of Eye Candy Studios based out of Edmonton,Alberta.
That's when Jasmine realized she wanted to pursue Hip hop on a new level and begin a new journey as a Dancer/Choreographer.

In the last few years Jasmine has made it her goal to train with some of the best talent from around the world. She has taken classes and trained with 3SB Entertainment, Eye Candy Studios and The Kore Dance studio with Carlo Atienza.
She has also taken workshops from Alexander Chung, Candace Brown, Johnny Erasme, Luam Keflezgy, Cj Salvador, Roberta Bierman and Laura Edwards.
These are just a few names she has learned from over the years.

Jasmine knew that Hip hop would become part of her culture and would grow to learn, live and love the style.
She's excited to share her experience and passion with fellow dancers.
So that they may find thier purpose and passion to strive for their best.